Job Announcement: Executive Director of FIERCE!

Position: Executive Director
Status: Full time, exempt -­‐ salaried
Salary Range: Mid $60s, commensurate with experience Organizational Budget: $700,000-­‐$800,000
Deadline: May 15, 2016

Organizational Background:
Fabulous Independent Educated Radicals
for Community Empowerment (FIERCE) is a fifteen year-­‐old, non-­‐profit, membership-­‐based organization whose mission is to build the leadership and power of gender nonconforming, trans, and queer youth of color in New York City. FIERCE develops politically conscious leaders through youth-­‐led campaigns, leadership development programs, and cultural expression through arts and media. We bring young people together to build and exercise their collective power to win improvements in their lives around the issue(s) most affecting them. Through organizing, youth develop their leadership, educate and agitate their communities and allies to take action, while also placing youth in positions of power to shift institutions to meet the needs of our community. In addition to Education for Liberation Project (ELP) and our Arts and Media Program, our current campaigns are:

  • ●  Safe Space Saves Lives: Ensuring access to safe spaces in the West Village for queer, trans, and gender nonconforming youth of color without fear of discriminatory policing practices.

  • ●  QOL Bow Down: Ending the discriminatory use of Broken Windows/Quality of Life laws and decreasing the number of Queer, Trans, and Gender Non-­‐Conforming (QTGNC) Youth of Color being criminalized by and harassed in the name of these laws.

  • ●  Communities United for Police Reform (CPR): An unprecedented campaign to end discriminatory policing practices in New York, this is a coalition of community organizations and members, lawyers, researchers, and activists.

    Since its inception, FIERCE has served as one of the nation’s few grassroots organizations whose mission is to engage gender nonconforming, trans, and queer youth of color in community organizing. FIERCE was founded on the principle that LGBTQ youth must realize and manifest our own social and political power to change our conditions, to shape our futures, and to become effective agents of change in our communities. Located in New York City’s historic West Village and housed in the Miss Major-­‐Jay Toole Building, our office environment is dynamic, collaborative, and includes a fast-­‐paced drop-­‐in center.

By working in solidarity with other communities we are building a society where all people, including LGBTQGNC youth of color, are free from violence and oppression. We believe this new society can be realized when all people have equal access to public space, living-­‐wage jobs, quality education, affordable housing, comprehensive health care, and safety from all forms of harm.

-­‐ We are committed to authentic youth leadership, the kind that takes time and intention.
-­‐ We are opposed to all forms of oppression and violence, including those rooted in racism, sexism, transphobia, ageism, homophobia, xenophobia, and ableism.
-­‐ We will never gain a victory for our community at the expense of another community.
-­‐ We have a lot to learn and a lot to teach. We draw on the history of social justice movements before us to guide us in our work. We also believe we can and should offer new ways to think about and practice social justice work.
-­‐ We believe in the ethic of organizing ‘by us, for us.’

FIERCE is in search of our next Executive Director, who will join our staff to provide overall leadership for community members, staff, and board members toward achieving our collective vision. The Executive Director will ensure stronger relationships with key allies and collaborative partners, ongoing fundraising success, increased visibility for our organization, and strengthening our advocacy work. They will be committed to cooperation and continue to build a strong, shared leadership culture and practice among staff and members and promote unity, transparent communication, integrity, personal and professional growth, creativity, initiative-­‐taking, and collaboration across the organization.

FIERCE has worked tirelessly to intentionally cultivate an organizational environment and culture that is grounded in our political vision, based on deep respect for youth leadership, and centered on the experience of FIERCE members.

Primary Responsibilities:

Leadership and Management (30%)

  • ●  Ensure ongoing campaign and program quality and consistent evaluation.

  • ●  Provide guidance, counsel and support to staff in developing, sustaining and refining

    programmatic work.

  • ●  Work collaboratively with the Board of Directors and leverage board members’ skills and

    resources to support fundraising, advocacy and program activities.

  • ●  Maintain staff supervisory and professional development plans, and consistent and transparent

    systems for staff valuation and feedback.

  • ●  Actively nurture a work environment and organizational culture of empowerment,

    collaboration, personal and professional growth, direct and transparent communication, self-­‐

    care and mutual support.

  • ●  Maintain a sound working knowledge of FIERCE’s history, political analysis, policy goals.

  • ●  Ensure effective systems to track results, outcomes, and successes used for both internal and external information and communications.

  • ●  Based on member-­‐identified priorities and in collaboration with staff, set a policy agenda and develop advocacy strategies and priorities.

  • ●  Facilitate cross collaboration and integration between programs to further the mission and vision of FIERCE.

  • ●  Support growth that matches the organizational and programmatic Strategic Planning goals and ensure regular evaluation of progress toward these goals.

  • ●  Lead the organization in creating a new strategic plan and advancing financial strategies.

    Fundraising and Communications (40%)

  • ●  Develop and refine the organization’s fundraising activities, leading efforts to sustain the organization’s existing and future program work.

  • ●  Diversify organizational revenue base and identify new sources of funding and resources to ensure long-­‐term financial sustainability, including grassroots fundraising and donor cultivation.

  • ●  Cultivate relationships with previous, current and potential funders.

  • ●  Oversee all aspects of communications (website, e-­‐blasts, social media, etc.) with the goal of

    promoting FIERCE’s mission and work.

  • ●  Develop and maintain relationships with allied community groups, advocacy organizations,

    elected officials and staff, and other key stakeholders.

  • ●  Act as an advocate for FIERCE campaigns through effective and sound messaging and media.

    Financial Operations and Sustainability (20%)

  • ●  Ensure FIERCE’s financial health and operational sustainability.

  • ●  Oversee annual audit process.

  • ●  Provide fiscal oversight of the organization, including vendor and consulting contracts, MOUs,

    budgets, and statements of financial position.

  • ●  Work with staff and Board to periodically review organizational budgets and financial

    statements, and to provide regular, accurate information about organizational finances.

  • ●  Maintain consistent budgetary process, including periodic setting of financial goals to measure

    actual performance and adjust as needed in collaboration with staff and board.

    Shared Organizational Work (10%)

  • ●  Participate in a range of regular organizational meetings.

  • ●  With Organizing Director, support campaign activities and determine opportunities to raise the

    visibility of the organization.

  • ●  Give support to organizing and participate in FIERCE grassroots fundraising activities, including

    our annual Bowl-­‐A-­‐Thon, #GiveOUTDay, and other activities

  • Required Skills and Qualities:

         ● Substantive experience in social justice movement work.

         ●  At least two years as a senior manager or in a leadership position with supervisory and proven financial management experience.

  • ●  Strong ability to build consensus and move decision-­‐making, effectively and efficiently.

  • ●  Excellent time management skills, able to balance competing priorities, complex situations, and

    multiple deadlines.

  • ●  Experience and skill in developing diverse fundraising sources including foundation grants,

    individual donors, government contracts, grassroots fundraising, and in-­‐kind support.

  • ●  Understanding of the issues impacting QTGNC youth of color communities at the local, state and

    national levels. Strong commitment to serving, empowering and advocating with and on behalf

    of FIERCE’s community base.

  • ●  Excellent listener who is deeply committed to our fundamental values of building relationships

    and trust across stakeholder communities.

  • ●  Experience working in community with young people who are impacted by police violence,

    experiencing homeless and/or marginalized housing, from immigrant/migrant communities, and

    identify as people of color.

  • ●  Patient and diplomatic, with an adaptable communication style that is effective at reaching our

    full range of community including youth members, staff, board, funders, donors, elected

    officials, organizational leaders, and other supporters.

  • ●  Committed to open, direct, and non-­‐violent communication with the ability to address conflict

    in a professional and timely manner.

  • ●  Creative thinker with a capacity for compelling storytelling to promote the FIERCE narrative.

  • ●  Committed to giving, receiving, and valuing constructive feedback and evaluation.

  • ●  Consciousness and skill in identifying how systems of power and privilege – both internal and

    external – exist and impact our organization, community, work, and communication.

  • ●  Fierce, dynamic, and fabulous with a good sense of humor.

  • ●  Excellent written and verbal communication, and outstanding oratory skills.

  • ●  Computer literacy in Mac OS, Microsoft Office, Quickbooks and social media.

    Desired Skills and Qualities:

  • ●  Experience as an on-­‐the-­‐ground organizer and in building legislative campaigns.

  • ●  Skilled and comfortable with verbal de-­‐escalation, mediation, and crisis intervention.

  • ●  Experience with Civicrm, Constant Contact, and basic HTML.

  • ●  Knowledge of political and social landscapes in New York City, and community and city

    resources, including social services and health systems.

  • ●  Organizing and leadership development experience in people of color, youth, and queer


  • ●  Working knowledge of FIERCE, our history, victories, and campaigns.

  • ●  Spanish language fluency

    Salary and Benefits:

    Compensation is in the mid-­‐$70’s, and is commensurate with experience. FIERCE’s full benefits package includes paid sick and vacation time, commuter benefit, as well as medical, vision, and dental coverage.

To apply, please send your cover letter and resume directly to as two separate MS Word or PDF documents, and the subject line: "Executive Director position -­‐ [Your Name]," and address your application to Sung E Bai, FIERCE Executive Search Coordinator.

Please note that only those candidates under consideration will be contacted to schedule interviews. No phone calls or emails please.

FIERCE is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and maintains a core value around our staff reflecting the communities we serve. People of color, people of trans and gender non-­‐conforming identities, immigrants, and differently abled people are strongly encouraged to apply.